Yorkshire Terrier Training

Is it time to start Yorkshire Terrier training but you’re not sure where to begin?  Well, the following are some great tips that will help you get going!

Yorkshire Terrier TrainingWhen Yorkshire Terrier training you have to remember to be patient.  If you are patient you should end up with a well-trained Yorkshire Terrier.  The following useful tips on Yorkshire Terrier training will help you on your way.

The Alpha Leadership Position

When Yorkshire Terrier training, you firstly need to establish your alpha leadership position. This involves showing your Yorkshire Terrier that you are the leader of your pack (or family). If you don’t establish your leadership position early on then your Yorkshire Terrier may try and become the alpha leader themselves.  If this occurs then your Yorkshire Terrier may become stubborn and even aggressive which in turn will make training them extremely difficult.  There are a number of ways you can establish your alpha leadership position including always walking through the door before your Yorkshire Terrier and by always eating your meals prior to them.

Yorkshire Terrier Leash Training

Another vital Yorkshire Terrier training technique you should teach is leash training.  If you don’t have your Yorkshire Terrier on a leash when outside your property then this could be very dangerous.  They could run off and get injured.  So to prevent this from happening it’s important to leash train your Yorkshire Terrier.  If your Yorkshire Terrier starts pulling when they have the leash on use the words “stop” and stop walking.  If you use this command “stop” each time they pull on the leash your Yorkshire Terrier will soon understand that pulling means they have to stop – which they won’t enjoy!  They would much rather keep on walking so will soon learn to stop pulling.  Leash training is not easy so it’s important to be patient when teaching this.

Yorkshire Terrier Obedience Training

Yorkshire Terrier obedience training is also vital.  A great way to learn all the techniques involved in Yorkshire Terrier obedience training is to sign up to a local obedience class.  They can give you lots of great tips and advice on how to establish your alpha leadership position and they will also help you teach your Yorkshire Terrier the basic commands.  As an added bonus obedience classes are a great way to socialize your Yorkshire Terrier with other dogs.


One of the important things you need to remember when Yorkshire Terrier training is to be consistent!  If you are not consistent then it will just make Yorkshire Terrier training a lot harder.  For example if you decide on a rule that your Yorkshire Terrier is not allowed on the sofa, then never, ever let them on the sofa.  Even when you really want to give them a cuddle.  If you are not consistent with your rules then your Yorkshire Terrier will get confused and it will make training very difficult.  So remember, be consistent!

Yorkshire Terrier training does not have to be hard.  If you take the time and are patient you should end up with a well trained Yorkshire Terrier who will be loved by all.