Yorkshire Terrier Rescue

Are you contemplating adding a Yorkshire Terrier to your family?  Have you thought about adopting from a Yorkshire Terrier rescue centre – you could save a life!  Read on to learn more about Yorkshire Terrier rescue.

Yorkshire Terrier RescueWhy do people give their Yorkshire Terriers to rescue centres?

There are many reasons people end up giving their Yorkshire Terriers to rescue centres including:

  • They are deemed ‘too old’ by their owners.
  • Their owners can’t afford their upkeep.
  • They did not fit in well with a certain family.
  • If their owner was older then they may have died or been put into a home.
  • A family may move somewhere that no longer allows pets.

Why should you adopt a Yorkie from a rescue centre?

The following facts will offer you some further information on why you should consider adopting your new Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue centre.

  • Have you ever contemplated adopting an older Yorkshire Terrier?  These older Yorkshire Terriers often get discounted by people due to their age.  But did you know that most Yorkshire Terriers end up living to around fifteen years of age or even longer!  So do not look past these dogs just because they may seem ‘old’.  They still make great companions – especially to an older person who is looking for some company but doesn’t want the hassle of looking after a younger, more boisterous Yorkshire Terrier.  They also don’t need to be exercised as much as a younger Yorkshire Terrier which, again, would be great for an older citizen.
  • Did you know that by adopting from a Yorkshire Terrier rescue centre that you could be saving a life!  Yes that’s right – you could stop a beautiful Yorkshire Terrier from a death sentence.  Many of the older Yorkshire Terriers who can’t find homes end up going down this track.  So think about it – adopting an older Yorkshire Terrier may be the best thing you ever do!
  • A lot of people think they ‘need’ to adopt a Yorkshire Terrier puppy.  Yes, Yorkshire Terrier puppies are cute but they also need a lot of training and can be hard work.  Plus, it is not often that Yorkshire Terriers puppies come into rescue centres.  If they do, they are usually Yorkshire Terrier mixes and do not look anything like a regular Yorkshire Terrier.  So, have a think about it – would you contemplate adopting an older Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue centre?  Or do you have your heart set on an adorable brand new Yorkshire Terrier puppy?  If you do have your heart set on a puppy then its best you go directly to a reputable Yorkshire Terrier breeder.

Adopting a Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue centre is a great path to go down.  Not only will you possibly save a Yorkshire Terriers life but you will end up with a beloved new pet and fantastic new member of your family.  So make the decision today and adopt your new Yorkshire Terrier from a rescue centre!  You will be glad that you did!