Yorkshire Terrier Name Ideas

Are you having a hard time coming up with Yorkshire Terrier name ideas?  Well luckily we are here to help you!  Continue reading to learn some excellent Yorkshire Terrier name ideas and advice!

Yorkshire Terrier Name IdeasSome tips on choosing Yorkshire Terrier name ideas

Choosing Yorkshire Terrier name ideas should be a fun experience.  However, there are a few things you need to consider before you commit to a name for your beloved pet.  The following tips will help you in your choice:

  • The name you choose for your Yorkshire Terrier should reflect their personality.  So spend some quality time with your Yorkshire Terrier and get to know them before you pick out a name.
  • Try your chosen name out for size before you fully commit to it.  You may prefer a longer name for your beloved pet such as ‘Princess Isabella’.  However a longer name may be harder to say when you’re trying to get your Yorkshire Terriers attention in a busy place.  So remember, test out the name before committing to it completely.
  • An important thing to remember when choosing a name for your Yorkshire Terrier puppy is that they will grow up.  A name like ‘Bubbles’ may be adorable now but will it still be cute when your Yorkshire Terrier gets bigger?
  • It’s important to test out your chosen name to see if it rhymes with any common dog commands such as ‘sit’, ‘down’ or ‘stay’.  If it does rhyme with any of these then you may find it a little bit more difficult when the time comes to train your Yorkshire Terrier.
  • Remember, you will be using the chosen name for your Yorkshire Terrier every single day for a long period of time.  So, if you like a name then repeat it over and over again.  If it’s easy to repeat without getting tongue-tied then it’s probably a good choice of name.

Yorkshire Terrier name ideas

Now comes the fun part – choosing the name!  The following are a few Yorkshire Terrier name ideas that should help you get started.  But remember our tip – try out the name first for a little while before fully committing to it!

  • Adorable names: Baby, Muffin, Buttons, Buttercup, Lacey Lou, Peekaboo, Cupcake, Bubbles, Daisy
  • Conventional names:Bobby, Chanel, Belle, Jackson, Rosie, Isabella, Hunter, Max, Amber, Coco, Phoebe, Molly, Rex, Duncan, Tom, George
  • Unusual names: Bear, Diesel, Buster, Mimi, Scribbles, Bambi, Bowzer, Cricket, Magoo, Giddy, Bumble, Clover, Blue

These are only a small handful of the many Yorkshire Terrier name ideas out there.  You can use one of these or come up with your own unique name.  Whatever you choose, we’re sure it will suit your beloved Yorkshire Terriers personality to a tee!

Choosing Yorkshire Terrier name ideas should be a fun experience.  But remember, when choosing a name it’s a good idea to use our tips – make sure it’s easy to say, matches their personality and can be repeated numerous times without it becoming hard to pronounce.  Your beloved Yorkshire Terrier will have to live with your chosen name for the rest of their life so choose carefully!  Have fun!