Yorkshire Terrier Facts

Do you want to know more about Yorkshire Terriers?  Well you’re in the right place!  Keep reading to learn some fantastic Yorkshire Terrier facts!Yorkshire Terrier Facts

  • The Yorkshire Terrier breed originated in England in the 19th Century.
  • Yorkshire Terriers are very good looking little dogs with beautiful coats.  This coat is quite straight, long and silky in texture and is usually colored blue and tan.
  • One of the great Yorkshire Terrier facts is that they have amazing personalities.  They are very brave, smart and have lots of energy.  Yorkshire Terriers are also very protective.  Although they have all these amazing traits Yorkshire Terriers can still be a little stubborn.  However, with proper training, this stubbornness can be controlled.
  • When researching Yorkshire Terrier facts, a common thing people want to learn about is how big Yorkshire Terriers grow.  The answer is Yorkshire Terriers do not grow very big at all!  A Yorkshire Terrier will usually reach a height of approximately six to seven inches (fifteen to seventeen centimeters).  They will also weigh approximately seven pounds (approximately three kilograms).
  • One of the Yorkshire Terrier facts you need to know about is that their coat does require grooming.  This includes daily brushing, checking their ears and regular trimming of their coat.  If you feel you aren’t up to this grooming task yourself, then a professional groomer will be able to do it for you.
  • Due to their unique size a Yorkshire Terrier can live almost anywhere including small apartments.  However, if you do live in a small home it’s vital you exercise your Yorkshire Terrier every day.
  • Yet another one of the Yorkshire Terrier facts you need to learn is that they may be small little dogs but they still have plenty of energy!  Therefore if you own a Yorkshire Terrier you ideally have to exercise them every single day.  There are many ways you can exercise your Yorkshire Terrier including daily walks, going to the beach, going to the dog park and playing games.
  • Yorkshire Terriers can live as long as fifteen years.
  • Like all dogs, Yorkshire Terriers are prone to certain health problems.  These include eye problems, teeth problems, obesity and hip dysplasia to name just a few.  If you do own a Yorkshire Terrier and are worried about anything to do with their health then you should book an appointment with your local vet.
  • One of the fun Yorkshire Terrier facts is that they have been used in a number of movies including the popular film Meet the Fockers!
  • And did you know that a lot of famous people own Yorkshire Terriers including Justin Timberlake, Paris Hilton and Britney Spears to name only a few.  They certainly are popular little dogs!

As you can see from the above Yorkshire Terrier facts, they are an amazing breed of dog!  They have a unique personality, have many great physical attributes and they make loyal companions.  So, if you thinking of adding a dog to your family, then the Yorkshire Terrier breed is definitely one to consider!