Yorkie Obedience Training

Without obedience training your Yorkie may become hard to control.  This is the last thing you will want.  Therefore Yorkie obedience training is a must!  Keep reading to learn some great tips on this topic.

Yorkie Obedience TrainingThe following tips will help you on your way with Yorkie obedience training:

Become the Leader

Showing your Yorkie that you are the leader of your household (pack) is one of the most important aspects of Yorkie obedience training.  If you don’t show your Yorkie that you are the one in charge, then they may try and become the leader themselves.  If this happens, not only will they be difficult to train but they may also be disobedient and stubborn.  So, to stop this from occurring, you need to show your Yorkie that you are the leader as soon as possible – ideally from the moment they first enter your home.

Be Patient

With Yorkie obedience training you need to be patient and not get frustrated at your beloved pet.  You need to understand that your Yorkie will not learn the rules straight away but they will over time.  If you do get frustrated then this may make your Yorkie anxious.  So, remember – be patient!  The time you put in will be well worth it!

Repetition is the Answer

A great way to get your Yorkie to learn is to repeat things over and over again.  The more you repeat a training exercise, the better your Yorkie will remember it.

Reward Good Behaviour

A great way to encourage good Yorkie behaviour is to reward them with affection or treats.  So every time your Yorkie does something correctly reward them.  Your Yorkie will love the attention and will be keen to keep pleasing you.

Be Consistent

Another major factor of Yorkie obedience training is consistency.  Once you have established a rule you need to stick with it.  If you are inconsistent then your Yorkie will just get confused.  For example if you don’t allow your Yorkie on the couch, then don’t given in one day and let them up on the couch for cuddles.  Your Yorkie will get confused at the mixed message and it may lead to misbehaviour in the future.  So remember, stick to your rules and be consistent!

Don’t Use Physical Punishment

When Yorkie obedience training, it’s vital you never use physical punishment.  This means never, ever hitting or yelling at your Yorkie.  This will make your Yorkie anxious and it will also make obedience training a whole lot more difficult.  Instead, if your Yorkie misbehaves, use a phrase such as “no” to let them know they have done something wrong.  But remember – no hitting or yelling!

Yorkie obedience training does not need to be a difficult task.  As previously mentioned, it will take time and patience but the rewards will be worth it.  So remember, be patient, reward good behaviour and be consistent!  If you do all these things you should have an obedient Yorkie and beloved member of your family.