Yorkie Crate Training

Some people see Yorkie crate training as cruel.  This is not the case at all!  It’s a natural instinct for all dogs to seek a safe, den like place that they can call their own – a crate can provide this place!  So keep reading to learn all about Yorkie crate training.

Yorkie Crate TrainingThe benefits of Yorkie crate training

Yorkie crate training offers many benefits to both you and your Yorkie.  Some of these benefits include:

  • Security and Safety: Having their own crate will make your Yorkie feel safe and secure.  It’s their own special place where they can relax.
  • Obedience Training: Having a crate will make training your Yorkie a lot easier.
  • Handiness: A crate is a great place to put your Yorkie if you need them out of the way for a little while. 

Yorkie crate training tips

The following are some useful tips to use when Yorkie crate training:

  • Ensure you purchase your Yorkies crate before you bring them home.
  • Make sure you get the perfect sized crate for your Yorkie.  It really needs to be large enough so that your Yorkie can comfortably turn around inside.  However, it’s also important to make sure the crate isn’t too big – if it’s too big then you might find your Yorkie going to the toilet inside.
  • The most important thing when Yorkie crate training is to make the crate as comfortable as possible for your Yorkie.  Put a comfy mattress and blankets inside the crate.  It’s also a good idea to put some of your Yorkies favorite toys in the crate too.
  • It’s really important that you don’t leave your Yorkie in the crate for a longer period than necessary.  Having your Yorkie in the crate for a couple of hours is okay, but try not to leave them in the crate for longer than four hours.
  • One thing you shouldn’t do with your Yorkies crate is to use it as a punishment tool.  If your Yorkie sees the crate as a form of punishment then they won’t like going inside.  You need to make your Yorkie love their crate.  So remember – never, ever use the crate as a means to punish your Yorkie.

Getting your Yorkie to like their crate 

Once you’ve set up your crate, the next step in Yorkie crate training is getting your Yorkie to like their new space.  The following information will help you do this:

  • Place your Yorkies crate in an area where you can easily see it.  However, this place shouldn’t be too noisy either.
  • Encourage your Yorkie to go inside their crate by putting a yummy treat inside.  Leave the crate door open and let your Yorkie go exploring inside by themselves.
  • When your Yorkie goes inside the crate on their own reward them with lots of affection and cuddles.  This will show your Yorkie that going into the crate is a good thing to do.
  • To begin with, do not leave your Yorkie in the crate for a long time.  Start by closing them in the crate for only a couple of minutes at a time.  Overtime this time can slowly be increased.

By using the above information and techniques your Yorkie will soon learn to love their crate.  And remember, you’re doing a great thing for your Yorkie by getting them a crate – it will be a safe and secure place that they can call their very own.   So start Yorkie crate training today!