Types of Yorkshire Terriers

Are you curious as to what the different types of Yorkshire Terriers are?  The answer is there is only one standard type of Yorkshire Terrier!  Read on to learn some great information about this wonderful breed.

Types of Yorkshire TerriersA Yorkshire Terriers coat can be groomed in a number of different styles.  Therefore this may confuse you as to thinking there are different types of Yorkshire Terriers.  This is not the case, there is definitely only one standard Yorkshire Terrier and they are a marvellous breed.  Read on to learn some great facts about the one and only Yorkshire Terrier breed.

  • Yorkshire Terriers are small in size and very cute looking.  They will usually weigh approximately seven pounds (approximately three kilograms) and will reach a height of approximately six to seven inches (approximately fifteen to seventeen centimeters).
  • A Yorkshire Terrier will live approximately twelve to fifteen years.
  • Although there may not be different types of Yorkshire Terriers, the one standard breed has an amazing personality.  They are little dogs but they have big personalities!  They are very brave, adventurous, loyal, protective and loving dogs.  Because of these great personality traits, they make excellent companions.
  • Yorkshire Terriers need to be shown that you are the leader of your household (pack in Yorkshire Terrier terms) as soon as you bring them into your home.  If you don’t do this, then your Yorkshire Terrier may become stubborn and hard to handle.  You can establish your leadership position in a number of ways including only feeding your Yorkshire Terrier after you have eaten your food and by always walking through a doorway before they do.
  • They may be little dogs but they still have lots of energy.  Therefore you ideally need to exercise your Yorkshire Terrier every single day.  This can be done with daily walks, going to the dog park or playing games.  As an added bonus, exercising your Yorkshire Terrier is a great way to bond with them!
  • The great thing about the Yorkshire Terrier breed is that because of their small size, they are okay to live in an apartment or small house.  But if this is the case, then it’s even more important that you do some form of exercise with your Yorkshire Terrier every day.
  • As previously mentioned, one of the reasons you may think there are different types of Yorkshire Terriers is because their coat can be groomed in a number of different styles.  You can learn to trim your Yorkshire Terriers coat in a particular style yourself.  However, if you feel that you aren’t up to this task, then a professional groomer will have the skills to do it for you.  As an added note, you should ideally brush your Yorkshire Terriers coat ever day.  Brushing their coat is also another great way to bond with your beloved dog.

There you have it; there are no different types of Yorkshire Terriers – just the one amazing standard breed.  And as you can see from the above facts, they certainly are wonderful dogs and would make an excellent choice of pet!