Toy Yorkshire Terriers

Do you want to learn more about Toy Yorkshire Terriers?  Well keep on reading to learn more about this amazing breed!

Toy Yorkshire TerriersWhat do Toy Yorkshire Terriers look like?

Toy Yorkshire Terriers are extremely cute dogs.  Read a description of some of their physical features below:

  • Toy Yorkshire Terriers are quite a small dog.
  • They are very cute looking as you can tell from the pictures on this website!
  • A Toy Yorkshire Terriers eyes are dark in color, their ears sit upright on their head and their tail is medium sized.
  • Their coat is usually brown, black and tan.

Where do Toy Yorkshire Terriers come from?

Toy Yorkshire Terriers originated in England and were used to catch rodents such as mice and rats.

What is a toy Yorkshire Terriers personality like?

Toy Yorkshire Terriers may be small dogs, but there personalities certainly aren’t!  The following are some of their interesting personality traits:

  • Toy Yorkshire Terriers like adventures and are very brave!  So do not be fooled by their small size!
  • Toy Yorkshire Terriers are very loving.
  • They love spending time with their owners some make amazing pets due to their loyalty.
  • If you do not train your Yorkshire Terrier correctly then they can become stubborn and hard to control.  Therefore if you own a Yorkshire Terrier it’s vital that you show them that you are the leader of the household.  Otherwise you may have a difficult Toy Yorkshire Terrier on your hands!
  • Because of their great temperament, Yorkshire Terriers are okay around children.

Do Toy Yorkshire Terriers live long?

Toy Yorkshire Terriers will usually live around twelve to fifteen years.

How big do Toy Yorkshire Terriers grow?

As previously mentioned Toy Yorkshire Terriers are not large dogs.  They will usually grow to a height of approximately six to seven inches (approximately fifteen to seventeen centimeters) and weigh approximately seven pounds (approximately three and half kilograms).

Do Toy Yorkshire Terriers need lots of exercise?

Although they are little dogs, Toy Yorkshire Terriers still have lots of energy.  So ideally you need to take them on a walk every single day.

Can a Toy Yorkshire Terrier live in an apartment?

Due to their size, a Toy Yorkshire Terrier can comfortably live in an apartment.  However if you do live in an apartment with your Toy Yorkshire Terrier, then it’s even more important that you take them outside every day for a walk and a bit of fresh air.

Do Toy Yorkshire Terriers need to be groomed?

The answer is yes.  Toy Yorkshire Terriers will need to be groomed regularly.  This not only includes brushing and trimming their coat but also checking their teeth and ears.  If you feel you can’t do these tasks yourself then a professional groomer will be able to do it for you.

Are Toy Yorkshire Terriers healthy dogs?

Like all breeds of dogs, Toy Yorkshire Terriers are prone to certain health problems.  The following are some of these health problems that you should be aware of:

  • Bronchitis
  • Eye infections
  • Tooth problems
  • Fragile bones
  • Bad reaction to anesthetic

If you feel your Toy Yorkshire Terrier does have a health problem then you should book an appointment with your local vet straight away.  They are the professionals and will be able to help you get your Toy Yorkshire Terrier back to their optimum health.

As you can see from the above, Toy Yorkshire Terriers are amazing dogs.  They are small, cute, loyal and brave.  All traits that make a wonderful companion.  So if you are thinking about adding a Toy Yorkshire Terrier to your family then you’re certainly making an excellent choice!