Stop Aggressive Yorkie

Yorkies are small, cute and adorable.  Although they have all these amazing traits, under certain circumstances, they can still act aggressively.  If your Yorkie is acting aggressively then you need to take the steps to stop this bad behaviour as soon as possible.  The following tips and information will help you stop your aggressive Yorkie.

Why do Yorkies act aggressively?

Stop Aggressive YorkieThere are many reasons as to why your Yorkie could be acting aggressively.  Two of these reasons are lack of socialization and trying to establish their position in the ‘pack’ (household).  Keep reading to learn more about both of these:

  • If your Yorkie is not socialized correctly from a young age then they may act aggressively around people or animals they are unsure of.  The best way to stop this aggressive Yorkie behaviour is to socialize your Yorkie as much as possible from a young age.  Take them on lots of walks, to the dog park or to obedience classes – anywhere where there are lots of other people and animals.  The more you socialize your Yorkie, the less chance you will have of them acting aggressively around strangers and animals.
  • Another reason your Yorkie may be acting aggressively is because they are trying to become the dominant leader of your household (or pack).  To stop this aggressive Yorkie behaviour you need to show them that you are the leader, not them.  You can do this by always eating before your Yorkie and making sure you walk out the door first.  Once your Yorkie sees that you are the leader of the ‘pack’ then they will be less likely to act aggressively as they will realise that you are the one in charge.

How to stop an Aggressive Yorkie

There are a number of ways you can stop your Yorkie acting aggressively:

  • A good way to stop aggressive Yorkie behaviour from occurring is to have set rules and boundaries.  If you don’t have set rules and boundaries then your Yorkie might become hard to control and even aggressive.  So the more structure there is, the less chance there will be of your Yorkie acting out aggressively.
  • If you Yorkie is aggressive to other people then this should not be tolerated at all.  They may be little dogs but they can still cause harm.  If your Yorkie continues to be aggressive towards people and won’t listen to you then you should really seek professional help.  A professional trainer will be able to help you teach your Yorkie that aggressive behaviour is not acceptable.
  • If you have a situation where your Yorkie becomes aggressive to another animal then it’s really important that you stay calm.  If you think it is safe to do so, then separate the pair and take your Yorkie to a different location away from the other animal.  Use a strong phrase like “no” to let them know that this aggressive behaviour is not okay.   However, do not hit your Yorkie for this aggressive behaviour – this will only confuse your Yorkie and it will make them anxious.

If your Yorkie starts acting aggressively then you really need to get it under control straight away.  The tips in this article will help you get started.  However, if you find that you still can’t stop your aggressive Yorkies behavior yourself then you probably should get a professional in to help.  They will be able to guide you and help you get your Yorkies aggressive behavior under control.