About Yorkie Health Problems

Every breed of dog has certain health problems they are more prone to getting and Yorkies are no different.  Keep reading to learn all about Yorkie health problems and what you should look out for.

About Yorkie Health ProblemsIf your Yorkshire Terrier has any sort of health problem then they will not be happy at all as it can be quite painful and uncomfortable.  If you feel your Yorkshire Terrier does have any sort of health problem, then you should book an appointment with your local vet as soon as possible.  They will help you diagnose the problem and will suggest the best treatment method.

The following are just some of the Yorkshire Terrier health problems you need to be aware of:

  • When learning about Yorkie health problems, you will soon find out that like all dogs, Yorkies are prone to flea allergies.  Some of the flea allergies symptoms to look out for are spots on their skin and you can often see fleas on their body.  You can usually buy a flea medication for your Yorkie from a vet or pet store.  However if you are worried about the flea situation, then you can have your Yorkie looked at by a vet.
  • Another thing you might be surprised to hear, when learning about Yorkie health problems, is that they can get diabetes – just like humans!  If you feed your Yorkie bad foods that include lots of fat, sugar and carbohydrates then they may end up getting diabetes.  So to prevent this make sure you feed your beloved Yorkie the right type of healthy food.  If you are unsure of what sort of food you should be feeding your Yorkie then your local vet should be able to offer you some helpful advice.  And, if you do think your Yorkie has developed diabetes then book an appointment with your local vet who will be able to guide you on the right treatment plan.
  • Another Yorkie health problem you need to be aware of is infections.  Yorkies can get infections in their teeth, skin, eyes and more commonly, their ears.  If you notice redness or dirtiness in your Yorkies ears then they may just have an ear infection.  Ear infections are not too hard to treat and your local vet will be able to help you.  However the best treatment is prevention treatment – regular grooming including bathing and trimming your Yorkies hair will help prevent infections from occurring.
  • When researching facts about Yorkie health problems you will often come across information on obesity.  Obesity occurs by over feeding your Yorkie and by not exercising them enough.  Obesity needs to be taken very seriously as it can be dangerous for your Yorkie and may even lead to an early death.  Obese Yorkies are also more prone to other health problems including tumours, liver diseases and heart problems to name just a few.  To prevent your Yorkie from becoming obese it’s vital you feed them a healthy and well balance diet.  You also need to exercise them every single day.  If you do both of these things you should easily be able to prevent Yorkie obesity.

Learning about Yorkie health problems may seem scary, but it’s vital as their owner, that you learn what to look out for.  And remember, if you feel your Yorkie does have any sort of health problem then you should book an appointment with your vet.  The sooner you treat the problem the better!  Your Yorkie will be much happier when they are back on the road to good health.