About Tea Cup Yorkies

Are you looking to find out information about Tea Cup Yorkies?  Well, you may be interested to learn that there is no such thing!  Read on to find out more.

About Tea Cup YorkiesYou may have heard people advertising Tea Cup Yorkies for sale.  However it’s important to learn that there is no such thing as a Tea Cup Yorkie.  Instead the term is just used to describe undersized Yorkies.  These undersized Tea Cup Yorkies are just the same as a standard Yorkie, except for their smaller size.  These undersized Yorkies often have many health problems as well.  So do not be fooled by a breeder or pet store advertising Tea Cup Yorkies for sale.  They will often just use the term to entice buyers and to hike up the prices of what they’re selling.  So remember, when learning about Tea Cup Yorkies – there is no such thing!

The great thing is, the standard Yorkie is already a very small dog so there is no need to want a Tea Cup sized Yorkie at all!

Now that you have learnt about Tea Cup Yorkies and how they don’t exist, you may want to learn some general facts about the standard sized Yorkie:

  • Yorkies are very small, cute looking dogs.
  • A lot of people are curious as to finding out about Tea Cup Yorkies because they like small dogs.  The fact is, standard Yorkies are already small dogs and don’t grow that big at all!  A Yorkie will usually grow to an approx height of six to seven inches (fifteen to seventeen centimeters) and weigh approx seven pounds (three kilograms).
  • Yorkies may be small dogs, but they have huge personalities.  They are brave, adventurous, have lots of energy, are extremely loving and are very protective.  Because of these great traits they make amazing companions.
  • Yorkies need to be trained properly.  If they aren’t properly trained then they can become stubborn and hard to control.
  • Yorkshire Terriers don’t shed much hair which is a bonus!
  • A Yorkshire Terriers coat will need grooming quite often depending on how long and how quickly it grows.  You can teach yourself to do this, or a professional groomer will be able to do it for you.
  • Yorkies will usually live around twelve to fifteen years.
  • Although they are little dogs, Yorkies still have plenty of energy.  Because of this they ideally need to be taken on a walk every single day.
  • Yorkies are easily able to live in apartments due to their size.  However, if this is the case then it’s even more important that you take them outside for daily walks.

From this article you have learnt about Tea Cup Yorkies and their nonexistence.  However that should not stop you from owning a standard sized Yorkie!  As you can see from the above facts, they have many great features and make amazing pets!  They are an amazing dog just the way they are and make wonderful companions!